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This will work even if...

You have a demanding 9 to 5 job 💻 (after all, that is our biggest motivator to reach financial freedom, right?)

You have a super hectic schedule 📅 (as someone who built 17 income streams while working full time, I have my secret sauce time management hacks that I’ll share with you inside the program)

You have no clue what it takes to reach financial freedom 💸 (I love teaching people who start from scratch!)

You have lots of limiting beliefs holding you back (Which is super common among us working professionals! So, I got you!) 👍

👉SO 👈

If you want to achieve Financial Freedom in a 4 Steps...

then Guilt Free Money is perfect for you 💪

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Working professionals who are tried of stressing out about their finances

Working professionals who are sick of chasing after the next promotion or raise

Working professionals who are eager to achieve financial freedom, even early retirement

Working professionals who are want to leave a legacy behind and create generational wealth

Your webinar experience hosted by Cherry Tung

As an ex-finance professional, ex-Big 4 auditor, and current corporate retiree, I know first hand exactly what it feels to be defined and limited by my job title.

Until I turned 23, I lived my life on other people’s terms, whether it be my parents, teachers or society. My world was turned upside down when I came to the realization that my dream job was not giving me the mental and financial fulfillment that everyone promised I would get.

After forcing myself to live in a car to save money for a down payment here in LA, a positive side effect is that I also gained a lot more clarity about what I really want to do in life. That was my breakthrough moment: I want to be more than just my corporate job title, and I also want to make more than just my corporate salary. After years of trial and error, I finally discovered the tried-and-true system for financial freedom.

Today, I help my students create and fund their passive income machine so they can achieve financial independence and even early retirement! On average, my students create 3 new income stream in 8 weeks, and can use these new income streams to fund their passive income machine. This is the exact framework I've used to retire from corporate at 25 years old.

Student Results—

from $5K to $41K

"Thanks to Cherry's Marie Kondo effect I was able to grow my YouTube channel from 79 to over 1K subscribers in under a year (monetization included!!)
I got my portfolio from $5K to $41K in the same amount of time"

- Matt @stock_overflow

Student Results—

$10K+ in 30 days

"Cherry is a very helpful and resourceful wealth coach! She helped me hit my very first $10K+ month in business, launch a group coaching program, start my digital course creation process, set up my retirement accounts and stock market investments. I have so much clarity on my finances, investments and business now!"

- Tiff

Who am I?

I'm a wealth coach who retired from corporate with a 7 figure net worth and a passive income machine to support my lifestyle, and my mission is to help other working professionals create and fund their passive income machine so they can finally achieve financial independence and even retire early!