Early Retirement for the Multi-Passionate You

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Early Retirement for the Multi-Passionate You

Setup your Early Retirement Plans

By Signing Up... you'll get access to a FREE LIVE MASTERCLASS on the 4 Steps to Early Retirement!

The 4 Components of a Passive Income Ecosystem





How Does This Ecosystem Help You?

1. How to effectively save money without sacrificing your standard of living

2. How to let money work for you instead of the other way around

3. How to build income streams that are in alignment

4. How to retire early from BS and anything that doesn't bring you joy

The reason behind this

I used to think of my 9 to 5 finance job as my everything. I even missed my own grandpa's funeral because I did not want to disappoint my boss. I once thought that as long as I give it my all, the company will value my loyalty and my hard work. That all changed when the pandemic started, and I was diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses and had to take emergency time off.

Fast forward to 2 weeks after the end of my medical leave, I rushed back to work despite my doctors warning, just to find out that my job just fired me.

That moment, I realized that a 9 to 5 was not reliable, and it was also totally out of alignment for me. I was just too afraid to admit it.

After being fired, I decided to just retire from corporate altogether instead of trying to find another job. I was sick of bending over backwards and hiding my true self in hopes of impressing people who didn't give an F about me or my well-being.

I was initially quite afraid of retiring early cold-turkey, but looking back, it was really the best thing I could do for myself and my mental health. Lots of my friends asked me how I did it, so I decided to reveal the "how" to you!

Cherry Tung

Wealth Coach who retired from corporate at 25 despite of/bc of my mental illnesses

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Let Me Guess, You are Here Because...

You are tired of feeling stressed over your finances.

You are sick of chasing after the next raise or promotion.

You are eager to achieve financial freedom and early retirement.

You want to leave a legacy behind and create generational wealth.

And You Are Hesitant Due to Your...

Endless and demanding 9-5 job that sometimes spills over to the weekend.

Super tight schedule due to work, family, other responsibilities.

Limited knowledge or overwhelmed from information overload that you don't know where to start!

Limiting beliefs that are holding you back from taking action. (Can I really achieve financial freedom?)

But Don't Worry! My Students and I Went Through Exactly What You are Going Through Right Now.

And Look What They've Achieved After Working With Me!

"from $5K to $41K"

Matt had depended on his 9 to 5 salary for over 20 years before learning from me. In just weeks of learning my system, Matt was able to create 2 new streams of income!

"Thanks to Cherry's Marie Kondo effect I was able to grow my YouTube channel from 79 to over 1K subscribers in under a year (monetization included!!) I got my portfolio from $5K to $41K in the same amount of time"

- Matt @stock_overflow


"$10K+ in 30 days"

Tiffany spent 7+ years growing her social media presence without turning that into a sustainable income stream. In the first month of learning form me, she was able to hit her first 5 figure month!

"Cherry is a very helpful and resourceful wealth coach! She helped me hit my very first $10K+ month in business, launch a group coaching program, start my digital course creation process, set up my retirement accounts and stock market investments. I have so much clarity over my finances, investments and business now!"

- Tiff @tiffanycheung.co

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